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RSS Cin08smith

Reward Points:9
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2 points

I think the government shouldn't be able to do that because of peoples rights everyone is in titled to have their privacy no matter how crazy or suspicious they might be. Even though it would be a good thing and could stop a lot of things that they might or would be capable of doing, it's still wrong so I say no!

3 points

Stating that my father died wen I was 8yrs. old, I would rather have a lousy father then to not have one at all. Without a father you really don't have a man in your life that you can talk to and go to to talk about situations and the care that they give and even the discipline. Even if you don't have a father you look for a mans view point or someone that you can convide in which means you still are searching for a father figure if you don't want one. I would rather have a lousy father that can have help to become a better father and that I can talk to, give me a firm hug when I need one, walk me down the aisle when its time for me to get married, and a father for my boyfreind could meet, so he can tell me if he's right or not even if I don't agree. I'm missing all that and more, I would do anything in the world to have my bestfreind and the one man besides God that I love, back on the earth with me. Therefore I would rather have a lousy father rather than not having one at all.

2 points

I think Obama should be the next president because he has been through stuff to know what's important that we need to change. His whole ideal about making it possible for graduates to be able to go to college, changing tax making it equal, and about health care. He also knows the important things that need to be delt with first were McCain on the other hand says he beleieve everthing can be handle at the same time which it can't cause it takes time.

0 points

I believe schools do kill creativity. For the simple fact, they always projects, essays, plays, and etc. in a specific way and a student just might be able to shine in that moment and make it their own but you'll never know because they want it done their way.

0 points

Just because our school doesnt have high crimes dosent mean that there shouldnt be cameras around because the guards cant always catch what the cameras can. In obviously the students (females and males) dosent know whats apprpriate and what isnt because they go around sneaking to go smoke, skip and perform sexual favors and I pretty sure that goes on at any school.

2 points

I think its needed because you have kids that skip, go around smoking outside, doing sexual favors, and that could possibly be fighting, jumping, or even abusing someone. An parents want to know that their kids are safe and learning when they step and enter on school grounds. An they wont know if the school doesn't have cameras and principals and teachers that check out thing that's going on inside and around the school.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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