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RSS Allhodgkiss

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2 points

For this question it depends on what you consider monitoring. If it means having a camera in their television, home, or other places of security I would say no they shouldn’t. A person has the right to privacy and when it’s taken away then what do they have? If monitoring means keeping tabs on them like where they go and when. Monitoring them while they're out then I don’t see the problem. If they are harm to others they are going to be harmful outside of their home, not in it. Also they are in a public place when you’re not in your home, and you never know who is watching you anyway.

1 point

In my opinion it is better to be fatherless then to have a lousy father. I say this because if you have a lousy father than you have to deal with him and be ashamed of him. You would have to go day by day and know he is never going to be anything special, especially for you. But if you don’t have a father you can always look up to someone else for that father figure.

1 point

I would not turn my husband in. However if the police came and questioned me I would tell them he did it. I say this because everyone does something in their lives that they don’t approve of. Murder is a big deal and I think that no one should get away with it, but I would help in bringing my husband in.

1 point

I volunteer at Irving Cares, and when I do I feel so great that I can help the community. To me when I help advance the common good I am helping myself. When people do something for the good of others it helps them out in the long run. Whether it is a favor in return or anything else. In a personal pursuit you are just helping yourself. If we all just helped ourselves where would our world be? We all depend on others for help at some point. This world should be about others, not just me.

1 point

Shakespeare's work should continue to be taught through-out the high school level. I say this because Shakespeare's writings are very difficult for the average person. This causes you to think out side the box and expand your normal thinking giving the feeling of triumph when you finally understand his plays.

0 points

It does matter! If everyone thought it didn’t matter then this country would be going south real fast. Also what are these right ideas Obama has? Going to flag burning ceremonies, is that one? He has not only gone to one but a few. Why would you vote for a person like that?

0 points

I chose McCain on this. People say they don’t want another George Bush, think about everything he had to go through. No one thought we would have 9-11, but we did. That caused him to make decisions in a quick manner. They might not have been the best decisions but he did the best he could. We will never have another George Bush no matter who is elected. I appose Obama because he has been to flag burning ceremonies. Why would you elect a person who has burned the countries flag? Isn't the president supposed to love and support our country not tare it down?

-1 points

I personally think it is better to be well respected. I think this because when you have money you think people respect you but they only act like that to get your money. People are very greedy and want material things but when you die what are people going to say about you? If your rich then you most-likely think your better than everyone else so there not going to want to remember you. But if you're well respected then people will appreciate you and respect your name after you have passed. Also someone said' "If I was rich I would pay someone to respect me." That goes back to what I said earlier. If you pay someone to respect you, they won’t respect you they will act like that to get your money. That’s why i think it is better to be respected.

-1 points

Just because we dont want as much surveillance doesnt mean we are guilty! We dont want to feel like we're in a cage being watched all the time. We are human beings and we should have some level of respect.

0 points

I think that we should have some surveillance at school, but not as much as we do now. It is human nature to be rebellious so the more restrictions they give us the more we students are going to rebel. We were fine with just the few cameras we had but now it's just out of control.

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