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RSS MatVenincasa

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You might ask:

"Should the government be able to secretly monitor suspicious individuals?"

My answer is yes. As citizens of the United States, our Government has a commitment to our Rights. We, the People of the U. S. have a Right to have a safe home from harmful Outside Powers that want nothing more than to harm us. If someone is seen doing something suspicious, then we need to know what it is to be sure the individual is not planning or involved in harmful activities. At this point of time, our safety is going to need help. The reason is because there are events going on everyday that seems to go in an never-ending cycle with severe consequences.

"Is it better to have a lousy father or to be fatherless?". My support is for "Lousy Father". I chose this answer not because I have a lousy father, but because I believe that not having a father at all is harder on a person than having a lousy father. Someone I know has no father. She has her own family. I know about how she knew my biological mother, grandmother, and the rest of the family on my mother's side. I don't know how it feels to not have a father, but I do know that I will be feeling that my father is giving lousy decisions about certain things. However, this is just my opinion on my father. What matters is that people who have no father feel pain when they think or talk about the matter.

"If your spouse committed murder and he or she confided in you, would you turn them in?"

I would not want to betray my wife if she didn't commit it unintentionally. When she tells me a complete story that she was at the scene and just had left evidence that she was there, I would try to gather all the facts to show that she was not responsible for the death. If she did do the murder on intentions of gaining something or just felt like killing someone, then I would find out more facts about the incident and turn her in.

You might ask: "Which type of endeavor is better, a personal pursuit or advancing the common good?"

I would agree that "Advancing the Common Good" would be better than "Personal Persuit". My reason for choosing "Advancing the Common Good" is because in the History of the United States, people and events have brought our nation to it's current state-of-being. Such an event would be war. In War, there are procedures to protect other people in a critical situation that one choice can lead to more or less people dying or surviving. One such situation would be if the battle ship was hit and water was pouring into the ship. You have two choices. The choice is to seal the hatches that are threats for water to come to the other areas of the ship, or you could save your self and get into the lifeboats with other panicking people and let the ship sink with an unknown amount of lives lost.

Yes, I do believe that Shakesphere's works should continue to be studied at the High School level. With our current situation of our Economy, the students need to learn more than they try not to. The reason is because jobs with high pay will only hire people with good vocabulary, great skills that are needed for the company to look better than other companies, and the appearance of a perfessional worker that is needed in this world. If people fail to see that their future seems far away, then our world might lead to a horrible future. For our future, we all must be educated.

"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."

In some places, fantasy worlds produced for the public to view or reality thinking in books, people have different opinions. I am going to tell everyone about the time I saw the Anime Gundam Seed. One of the main characters, Kira Yamato, becomes the pilot of The Freedom, a Gundam, and before he boards this mobile suit he is told words around the lines:

"Power is based on what you do, and what you want to do."

The time takes place during the first "Bloody Valentine War" and Kira uses this new power to help others. In this case, freedom is represented as a Gundam. Power is not about what the statement that was shown at the beginning of this reply, but the name is. The Freedom takes flight to Earth and

My opinion is that McCain should be the next President of the United States. The reason for choosing McCain over Obama is because Obama wants to increase taxes on people that make more money. My father is one of those people. He works hard at night and day. My father gets less sleep and barely any time off work during the week days. If Obama becomes Presidents, then my father's life will be harder on him since I now have a half-brother in our family. Above all, my father has a lot of stress from work and it will increase with the tax increase. I care for my father, so that is why I chose to support McCain.

It is better to be well respected. For this reason, there is an example I will give. This example is when a time comes that you need help. You would want to have others support and help you, such as friends or family. If you were wealthy and not respected, then others will not help you as much. Without help you could probably not be able to survive with a business on the verge of bankruptcy and you could be in dept. With respect, you can have a favor from people and keep a successful business.

Love is the most important feeling in the world. It makes oneself and others feel happy that they are living. I believe that to be loved is better than to be feared. To support this fact, I will share a story I know.

There was a girl, who wanted nothing else in life but to avenge the death of a person that was special to her. They were not related. The girl was named Clare. She later got her chance to decapitate the killer who was Priscilla. But when the moment came, she was stopped by a young man named Raki. Raki explained that Priscilla, Clare, himself, and others have suffered loss because of the monsters that killed their families leaving them orphans. He said that he could not let her go a wrong path because he loved her. Clare was crying. She was not expecting this at that moment. What happened later can be read on Look for Claymore Anime. The rest of the story is still being made.

The current level of surveillance at school is needed. This is because students have been doing things that are against the school rules. I once saw a student pick-up his "dropped", what appeared to be, "paper-looking" swirl of a type of drug that'll make you hallucinate. He was not caught, that I know of. I support this for everyone's safety and health at school.

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