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5 points

Yes I think the government should be able to monitor suspicious individuals because we as civilians need an amount of protection. The government has a lot of technology to either invade our privacy or protect us from people that may be harmful. I think we should be thankful that someone is watching and could protect us. At the same time most people may not like the idea of being watched. But if you are doing nothing wrong then you should have no problem of knowing someone could be watching you. Because they only watch you if you have done something wrong. I do not like government and or some of our leaders. But I am some what thankful we have at least someone looking over us.

4 points

I think it is better to have lousy father than having no father because anyone is capable to change. By personal experience not every body remains the same. My dad use to be a hard core alcoholic, waking up in the morning and having a drink was a part of his routine. All day every day; but when he was in an accident a hit and run and immediately paralyzed his life changed. My dad has been sober for the first time in 20 years. And now I can actually go visit him and have a decent conversation with him. So I guess from my personal stance I would say that I would rather have a lousy father than no father at all. Because if I were to say I didn’t want a father I would just be speaking out of anger and revenge. Doesn’t matter what people that we love have done to us. We are all forgiving to those who are more important to us than others.

2 points

I would help them get away with it. Clean the scene. Confuse the police of any clues. They say love makes us do crazy things. So no, I would not turn them in. No matter what the situation was for the reason of the murder. If it was self defense or just plain curiosity to kill I would help them get away with it. We all do things we end up regretting. But if it was my wife then I would help her get away with it. Move to Mexico or go somewhere far away. Its not right to kill someone. But if it was someone I loved that was the killer I couldn’t turn them in I would have to get them free. Even if it meant doing everything in my power to bust them out of prison I would do it.

0 points

I believe you are who you are. It’s your life. Your choice with what you do. I would choose the personal pursuit. Who says you can’t help others by following your own dreams. If you make five-hundred million dollars a year, then why not share it with those less fortunate than you. I don’t need to sacrifice my life to make others lives better. I can do what I want to do and still help people. They say money can’t bring happiness but it can. And making five-hundred million dollars a year would make me pretty happy. And if I chose to give it to others it would make them happy as well. So I guess you would say their both good.

1 point

Yes, because a lot of the grammar used in the old English is very interesting. To see how the times have changed and the pronunciation’s of the words. The way that Shakespeare uses his words are so different than the way we talk or write now in this time. If you were to read the actual literature you may struggle but if you take your time and give it patience you may actually catch on to the way they used their words and start to understand it. It different than reading a book that was written a year ago; its more than that its Old Literature.

1 point

I agree because I believe it means in a situation that happens whether good or bad. You have the choice to make your own path to dwell on what has happened and give your self a hard time or move on and give your self peace.

1 point

I think batman was more heroic because he was just an ordinary man with no powers and still knew the dangers but did his job on saving people. He didnt need superpowers and he still saved lives.

6 points

I think it is needed, for many reasons with the level of violence that has taken place in schools. There have been school shootings and drug related activities. There are a lot of punks that like to start fights with others because they think they are thugs but their fake. Camera's in schools are necessary for the safety of other people.

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