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RSS Chu525

Reward Points:22
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1 point

As a student, I support the view that school kind of kills students' creativity.Maybe this phenomenon doesn't exist in some schools, but in my country, it is an undeniable truth.It depends on each country's educational system,though. In my country, every student has to go through three public exams, and this is the main cause of fading creativity among students.The only aim of students is just to pass and ace those public exams to get their certificate which is a necessity for finding jobs in their future.The concept in this system results in the failure of students to find the solutions to the questions themselves and the logic among students to memorize answers like a robot.Indirectly, students tend to lose interest and fun in learning during their life process.To me, it's no use copying and pasting those mathematical formulas in our minds if we don't really understand how they work in our daily lives.Its all about creativity in applying them, not writing them in the test papers to get an A.

1 point

In my opinion, everyone has their special way of living their lives,and I don't really get it about the word 'smarter' in living lives. Sometimes smart doesn't mean WISE.People who are smart do make mistakes too, but people who are wise minimizes their mistakes by making rational choices.Life is meant to be lived happily and meaningful.As long as an individual lives his/her life to the fullest, other things don't really matter that much anymore.Well, since I'm a female, I'll stand by the girls' side, no other special reasons for my :)

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About Me

"Hi there! Hope I'll be benefited through this website^^"

Biographical Information
Name: Chu JN
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Malaysia
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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