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RSS Chad88

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1 point

I believe in this statement because with freedom such things as ideas and choices are given to you. In that position it is your place to take the freedom you’re given and do what ever it is that you need to do with those things. So with what ever has been given or "done" to you it is your choice on what you do.

2 points

I think McCain is the man I will have to go with.

Reason being is because i see Obama doing more of what president bush did. Obama says he is going to do all kinds of good things for America, for instance pulling all the troops out of Iraq. This can not happen with in his time of presidency unless elected again. It takes a total of six years for proper military evacuation. Another thing is he said in one or two of his speeches that with in the next ten to twelve years he will have our taxes cut lower than ever before. Well if I’m not mistaken you can only be elected president for a total time of eight years. So how can he promise that in ten to twelve year our taxes will be lower than ever?

I just see Obama saying things people want to hear so he can then move in and do things his way and be completely opposite of what he has promise America.

McCain has rallied through this campaign with man struggles and still stands strong. He has severed our country a lot longer than Obama in congress and other thing, even in the military, and I really haven’t heard Obama doing anything than maybe feeding the hungry children or maybe charity things so, I don’t see how he really know what America needs.

Just like Bush, Obama is putting a lot on his plate and I don’t see how it’s going to happen especially if he promises things ten to twelve years for now when he won't have any such control.

-1 points

Respect is worth a lot more than anything money has to offer. In the real world being wealthy does mean a lot but if you have money but no respect no one will care what you have. With respect come care, love, friend ship and many other emotions that give you wealth. Maybe the wealth you receive with respect can't buy you many thing but its the wealth you receive in your heart that counts most and the wealth I see is to be cherished most.

1 point

I see batman as more of a hero for the fact that he is human and can be killed at anytime. He depend all on his natural ability to fight from more of a human basis with the protection of specialy built armor. Superman is more of an alien whose adpated to earth and is pretty much a immortal to all earthly subjects.

1 point

Do schools kill creativity; is that even a serous question? No they don't. It isn’t like we are in school all day everyday of our lives. Now yes we do spend a good portion of our day for almost 12 years of our lives in school, but what the school doesn’t let us do doesn’t mean that we can’t do it outside of school. It just means we have to plan things outside and away from school. I think a lot of kids blame the school because when a school doesn’t want to add a new club or some type of an organization, because of money problems or teachers not wanting to participate, they believe it’s the schools fault and they can’t do what ever it is they want to happen. So as far as I am concerned the school cant kill my creativity.

1 point

There is a saying that says "the only thing to fear is fear its self." Now I’m not exactly sure of who said this but I believe that it is a true statement and not a opinion. So since there s nothing to fear why not be loved. It's pretty much a human need anyways. Everyone should have the emotion of love within them some place. I mean maybe being feared by people give a kind of sense that you'll have power but no one really has power. Basically its an opinion on this argument and no ones bound to win this one. But like I said their is nothing fear but fear its self. So i chose to be loved.

0 points

No one forces you to stay in the school so therefore it cant be a cage!

4 points

Dont rely on a unreliable source of protection. They can't be every where in the school at once. So when they cant be there its good to have a camera catch a fight or theft or something unlawful. Beside we have three security gaurds and they "dont go hard" they tend to let 80% of school violtions slip. So lets not rely on students being civilized because we all know that is not happing here at this school, and our security officers being everywhere at once.

1 point

I believe that the cameras are needed due to fight and thefts that go on in many different places in the school. With the more cameras covering the school, the less crime can happen unseen. If a person says that the surveillance cameras are unwarranted than they have the guilty conscience of getting caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. So it’s difficult to say he cameras are unwarranted,” that is unless the go into your privacy, and that’s a different subject!"

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