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Axmeister's Reward Points: 4311

Points When What Where
2 High Rated Argument TV is better than Books
1 High Rated Argument Should Bullies get Harsh punishments for Bullying
1 High Rated Argument What is the best vehicle of choice in a zombie apocalypse?
1 High Rated Argument Televised sports is entertainment for dumb people.
3 High Rated Argument Hey look, upvotes! IT IS BEING SUCCESSFUL, KEEP RETURNING!
1 High Rated Argument Should students be allowed to choose to be taught creationism?
4 High Rated Argument Could China beat the USA in a war?
9 High Rated Argument Which country is better - England or U.S.A?
1 Added Argument Should the government censor the internet?
2 Added Argument Attractive Image Content is NOT enough to follow a fashion brand on Social Media
1 Added Argument Science or God
1 Added Argument Would you be Mad If Your 16 Old Kid Dropped the F-Bomb with his Friends?
1 Added Argument Should Scotland become Independent?
3 Added Argument The body's equivalent of the 1% is the brain.
5 Created Debate Should Scotland become Independent?
1 Added Argument In Memoriam: Axmeister
2 Added Argument Does additional political news media aid the democratic process?
5 Created Debate Does additional political news media aid the democratic process?
3 High Rated Argument Should all children recieve a trophy or medal in sporting events despite losing?
1 High Rated Argument Who Has Done More Harm to the World?
-1 Downvoted Argument How would you describe the British users on this site?
1 Added Argument Should Abortion be illegal, unless you’re an “idiot?”
1 Added Argument Christians would you react like this if a Non-Christian had been staying at your
-1 Downvoted Argument Who Has Done More Harm to the World?

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