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Ama_Deviant's Reward Points: 248

Points When What Where
0 High Rated Argument AmaDeviant's response to Terminator regarding the paranormal.
3 Added Argument Can fate coexist with free will?
1 Added Argument Is Marriage Necessary?
1 Added Argument xbox vs play station
1 Added Argument Which bathroom should a transgendered person use?
1 Added Argument Religious fundamentalism may be a ‘mental illness’ that can be ‘cured’
1 Added Argument Should women be able to go topless?
1 Added Argument Is abortion moral?
1 Added Argument What is the next feature human beings are going to evolve
1 Added Argument Is this the way all music should be?
1 Added Argument What is Wrong with using Abortion as a means for Birth Control?
1 Added Argument Is this proof of something?
1 Added Argument Is this proof of something?
0 Added Argument Born again virgin
1 High Rated Argument Does the VIEWING of Child Pornography hurt anyone?
2 Added Argument Ban dangerous objects?
1 Added Argument why are Canadians so arrogant?
1 Added Argument Guys, I need some answers...
2 Added Argument Truth is Objective.
2 Added Argument Pro-abortion activist want women to see their fetus as a parasite and have it removed ASAP
1 Added Argument How do I feel things again?
1 Added Argument The trolling on this site is getting out of hand
2 Added Argument People today!
1 Added Argument Objective human morality cannot come from holy scripture.

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