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 You can get a much better offer if you perform really well at a job interview (6)

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You can get a much better offer if you perform really well at a job interview

If you are taking a job interview and perform really well, is it really possible to get a significantly better salary? It's always possible to nigotiate a little more if you are good but what about the big difference? Like thirty to fify percent
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Never was able to nigitiate more than 10% myself and I don't really think that it is possible. I mean, 30% difference in salary is more like a different position than what you are aiming for so most likely if you are that good they will offer you a higher position with a better salary.

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You spend months looking for a new job with no luck at all. Then, almost miraculously, you finally get a decent offer, accept it, and start the new job. A month or two later, one of the other employers you interviewed with contacts you. They want to make you an offer. It turns out to be a good offer for a job you really want.

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In my opinion, everything is possible but you need to be really outstanding to get a better offer. At least, you should learn interview methods. By the way, you should also practise these methods and practise answering the questions. Only this way you will be ready for everything and will be able to get any job.

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I think that performing well at a job interview gives more than a chance to get a higher salary. You will definitely have more chances to get promoted quicker, people will approach you the better way and generally speaking, I just don't understand why job seekers usually don't prepare properly for the interview

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