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 What was the last game that you enjoyed? (2)

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What was the last game that you enjoyed?

What was the last game that you enjoyed?
  I play a lot enough and every time I try to find something new and interesting, of course, it's hard to find something new when you've already tried so many things.
 But I found a game called Diablo II Resurrecte not long ago, at first it seemed to me very mediocre, but after playing it a little bit, I really liked it.
 There you can buy different interesting items and more.
 Also, I found a great website for themselves from yes gamers where you can find a lot of useful information on a large number of games.
 And what would you recommend to play?
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Oh I heard about this game, but for some reason never played it before, always something stopped me, apparently now just a sign that I need to try it out and play.

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Yes, I play this game, I also like it enough, I like the skill there and the fact that there are really a lot of cool things that help pump your character.