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 What's the best PWA app for Magento? (3)

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What's the best PWA app for Magento?

What's the best PWA app for Magento?
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I suggest ScandiPWA - open-source PWA theme is the best progressive web app solution for Magento.

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Well, to be honest I would rather advise to give a try to a GoMage product, check out its pwa features The thing is, that you can get everything you need straight out-of the box. Plus, you can set up online tax and shipping calculations and as a result your customers will know how much they’ll need to spend on delivery prior to checkout. This is super handy.

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Magento PWA Studio Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a next-generation web technology standard which delivers app-like shopping experiences via mobile and desktop devices. Using PWA Studio, merchants can build their own high performance PWAs on top of Magento Commerce, which is proven to increase user engagement, boost conversion rates, and diversify revenue streams.

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