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 What factors affect the cost of car shipping? (2)

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What factors affect the cost of car shipping?

What factors affect the cost of car shipping?
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This is a difficult question. Some companies will charge a flat fee for shipping, although the price will depend on the distance of the move. Semitruck is the most common method to transport cars long-distance, although there are other effective methods.

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The cost of trucking services certainly depends on the distance that you need to move the vehicle, but the location where you are moving is a key factor in calculating the cost of car delivery. You can learn about other factors and a lot of other useful information from the article cost to ship a car and draw your own conclusions

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Dates Critically Drive Up Car Shipping Costs One of the most critical factors that can drive your auto transport project's overall costs is the intended date of the move. Market demands always create an inflationary spiral because of the unavailability of trucks and service costs.

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