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 What are some of the best places to hire remote software developers? (7)

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What are some of the best places to hire remote software developers?

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Philippines, India if you have someone to manage them and ensure they do the work and understand what to do, China - be careful of the contracts you set with them, Western Countries, Australia, Europe most countries, Pakistan is a possibility.

ToddSweeney(1) Disputed
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India? Realy? There are many incompetent people who pretend to be specialists. Difficult communication with these people and often low quality work.

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What kind of app do you need? Have you already define the concept of your idea? I hope you understand that the idea can cost a lot. My advice is to deal with some reliable developers because this is the key to some cool product. Check out that resource and be aware of the most trendiest way. Hope it can help

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