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Forever Fiances
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Wedding Party Favors

Welcome to Forever Fiances, an invitation company in San Diego. Since 2008, we are creating great invitations with truly unique paper and stationery. Our goal is to bring you customized invitation cards for different occasions. 

Dedicated to beautiful eco-friendly wedding invitations, Wedding Party Favors, Bat Bar Mitzvah Invitations, all in one wedding invitations & business cards, etc. Our eco-friendly wedding invitations are created with 100% recycled handmade seeded paper which makes them not only the best for the environment but an elegant, artisanal option for your special occasion. Visit now to make your special moments and important days memorable.


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Weddings are special moments and most likely the happiest day of somebody's life. One thing we try to at each wedding is an attempt to photograph everyone who's in attendance. If you want to chat about your own family photography Oakville, please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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I love the commentary on this web site, it definitely gives it that community sense!


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