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User reports that Apple Card h User reports that Apple Card h
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User reports that Apple Card has been painted off

Who can think of this... Not only the aluminum alloy iPhone will be lacquered, but the Apple Card made of titanium will also wear and paint.

It was almost a month since the first batch of beta users received the Apple Card. However, this face is super high, and there is a high-grade card. Recently, users have exposed the wear problem:

Apple itself also released a cleaning guide for the Apple Card, stating that users should use a special microfiber cloth to clean the metal credit card. If there are more stubborn stains, they should be cleaned with alcohol wool. Even so, Apple still said in its own official website article that the white coating used by the Apple Card may be prone to scratches, nicks and discoloration.Buy Google Play Reviews.

Early beta users have also shot several people. The above card was placed in the leather wallet for two months, and there were already many scratches, and the inner metal core that was not flat inside was also exposed. In addition, other users reported that their cards had been lacquered after one month, and there were scars near the edge of the card and the magnetic strip.

Apple has also warned that materials such as leather and denim that are easily faded may cause discoloration that cannot be repaired on the card surface. If you want to keep this card face perfect, or store it as soon as possible after arrival, it is safer to use the Apple Pay virtual card.

These lacquered cards can still be traded normally, but because the release time is still short, the robustness of the magnetic strip remains to be seen. At present, Apple Card has been fully open for application in the United States, and there is no news of entering other countries and regions for the time being. I hope that in a few months, similar problems will not break out on a large scale...

User reports that Apple Card h

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User reports that Apple Card h

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