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 The car won't start! (6)

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The car won't start!

For the last two weeks I can't start the car properly. When I start the car, it constantly displays an error on the dashboard. The car is a BMW. Can you tell me what may be the reason? 
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I encountered the same problem. It didn't take me long to figure it out. A friend of mine is in the car repair and maintenance business. I called him and he told me that in BMW cars it is everywhere. One in five owners experience it. That's the way the electronics work for that manufacturer. More precisely, it works, but there's a lot of it. This is why there are all sorts of glitches. In our country, unfortunately, it is also a glitch, there is nothing to repair in principle. Since the car is fully operational. It needs to be re-flashed. But it is not clear how long it will help. Maybe in a month or a year again the same thing. He advised me to buy a small device in the OBD connector. I bought it from the guys at You can also find it in other stores. I just trust them, that's why I advise them. Read the errors, reset them all and you're good to go. Car's as good as new. No need to go anywhere. But I do it once every two months. But it's all free.

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Hello. I solve the problem very simply. When there is a need, I rent a car at Zaporozhye airport. You can follow the active link to the rental service that I use and see that it is very profitable. The machines are all new and run like clockwork. I recommend.

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For everyone who likes to travel around Germany, I offer a car rental platform The website has a very user friendly menu. On this service you can take all types of cars. We take a minivan if we are traveling with the whole family, and when I go alone, I take a sports car or convertible. I recommend this service, I do not overpay on it.

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Hi, I have a similar situation. I have an Audi and it doesn't start well. I don't have an Audi service in town, but I know how to fix cars myself. I think a diagnostic tool will save me a lot of time

First of all it depends on what kind of error on the dashboard.

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I also had a similar problem and now my car is being repaired. Therefore, sometimes we have to rent a 6-seater car on the website car if we go somewhere as a family. By the way, car rental is a good service. For myself, I identified such advantages as the fact that you can not worry about car maintenance, as well as the fact that you can take any model depending on the situation. Therefore, for now, renting brings me only pleasure