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help student decrease stress
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Stress of education on students

 Every student needs to understand how stress can impact your education. Teachers and the educational system should help students to achieve their very best, not diminish their mental health. 

Canadian essay writing service taking an interest to find the best way to guide and help students to manage the education life. We need to take some serious step on it 

help student

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decrease stress

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Many students are struggling with stress. Because the students are assigned with many writing works and they doubt that whether they can complete those works on time or not.

healthcare underwriters mutual risk management group Because of this heavy workload, they are not getting enough time to study.

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I'm Elena gillbert.Mounting social and academic pressures mean that higher education can be a challenge for any student. A Uni Health study found that 80% of those studying in higher education reported symptoms of stress or anxiety, while one NUS survey found that nine in 10 students experienced stress.

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We need to work harder to decrease stress in the learning environment. The education system of 2020 is not like your parents' education. Expectations are different, and there's tons of stress placed on students. A step to reduce this stress would be to stop government practices that tie test scores with funding. Not only would this reduce student stress, but it would also help reduce instances of teacher cheating, and foster a more honest learning environment. The aim of education is not to take tests, it is to produce productive citizens

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