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Steps to Setup Roadrunner Email for Outlook

Roadrunner email which were earlier renamed as TWC email and now known as Spectrum Webmail is known for its higher security level and unique features. It’s providing greater level of satisfaction to its users because of its authencity, every user who uses this recommended others to use Roadrunner email for the best services. But as all said everything has some limitations also, that is why sometimes it creates trouble on Setup RR Mail and Sending and Receiving emails so the best way is you can set up your Roadrunner webmail account to MS Outlook. In outlook you can centralize all your accounts in one email client, so if you easily want to centralize all the accounts in one email client and avoid all the issues you can Setup Roadrunner mail in Outlook with the help of our mentioned easy to follow steps. Open outlook and then open "file" tab. From that click "Info”. Click on "Add Account”. Select option "Manually Setup or additional server types" from the menu. Select IMAP. You will find "Internet E-mail" selected as default choose "Email service" page. Name, Email Address, Server information, Account type, Incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, User name, password ( if you want to save your password click on remember password).Select " Test Account settings" to ensure that the internet is working properly and you are logged on to servers. You will receive a message as well regarding the changes in the Outlook. Lastly click "Next" and then "finish" for completing the setup. If these steps are not able to set up your Roadrunner webmail account to MS Outlook then contact the Roadrunner Customer Service at +1-833-836-0944 support providers team, they are available 24×7 for your help and provide you with the best solutions with the best expertise.

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