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Steps how to use IMAP server settings for Roadrunner webmail/RR mail

Roadrunner webmail known as Spectrum or TWC (Time Warner Cable). Roadrunner uses a mail server called POP3 or IMAP as its default mail transport. To use IMAP, you need to make some changes to your mail server settings. Roadrunner has changed the way they do this in order to provide added security, however it may be problematic for some users who are not familiar with how things work. It is quite simple to set up IMAP or Mailbox for RR. All you need to do is to go to "Settings" in Roadrunner webmail and make sure that on the right side of the window there is a heading "Notifications" and also "Change Notification Settings. How to add your Roadrunner webmail / RR mail using the IMAP server settings. Open your mail client (such as Outlook).Go to the File. Add 'Account’. Select IMAP. Incoming mail server section enters: Enter user name (Is your email address).Enter password. Outgoing mail server section enter: number for Incoming server: 993.Port number for Outgoing server: 465. In case of any difficulty, the Roadrunner tech support can be contacted by all customers.

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