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 Steps For Canon Printer ix6820 Wireless Setup (3)

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Steps For Canon Printer ix6820 Wireless Setup

  • Well, you need to make sure that the printer is turned on for the process to setup canon pixma 

  • The next step is to press & maintain the wifi button at the top of the printer until the lamp flashes once.

  • Now you need to make sure that the lamp next to this button begins to flash blue after which go to the access point and press the wps button within 2 mins for the procedure of canon pixma ix6820 wireless setup.

  • Now in order to access the WPS on the printer follow the user guidelines.

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This makes me very easy to do all the technical support and set up the canon printer easily. Vegan Meal here they have shared the steps that you have to follow to do all the settings for the printer.

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Canon PIXMA iX6820 Driver, Scanner Software, Manual Instructions, Installation & IJ Start Setup for Windows, Macintosh and Linux – Canon PIXMA iX6820 printer for home is a printer that Canon brings to the market with single function for printing only. This printer is made with a compact design that helps users to know the printing works process by the indicator lamps on the body.

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