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Is the current level of video surveillance at school needed or unwarranted?

7th Period


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I agree. I actually think that we do not have enough video surveillance here at school. For example today my anatomy teacher told me that yesterday someone in her 7th period class stole her cell phone. It was a couple hundred dollar phone that was never found. she now has to replace it. Also last year 3 people in my biology class had their personal belongings stolen.(phones, ipods, etc..) Their things were never found. They will have to replace them. These situations aren't very fair and if they were caught on surveillance they would have caught the persons responsible.

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It's a good idea for schools to be equipped with cameras in this day in time. The halls of highschools can be very rough, and though they may not be used every day they can come in handy. Persay someone attemped to break in a classroom, or use a weapon at school; if that school had cameras they would be able to identify the intruder. As long as they are used properly and are not found in restrooms or locker rooms, i support them. I belive cameras in schools are a good idea strickly for safety purposes.

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I think that they are needed to keep people in line. To be perfectly honest i think everyone pretty much realizes that it's really just a scare tactic. Most of the cameras don't seem to do the job just right. Last year there were people who had things stolen where the cameras were in the right position to see who did steal them , but never saw who did it.

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I think they are needed because alot of people do their buisness here at school. They are also needed because if someone gets something stolen from them they'll have it on camera. And also fights people always blamming they opposite party and with cameras you'll know exactly who started it.

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it dosent matter who started everyone that was involved gets a ticket anyways

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The current level of surveillance at school is needed. This is because students have been doing things that are against the school rules. I once saw a student pick-up his "dropped", what appeared to be, "paper-looking" swirl of a type of drug that'll make you hallucinate. He was not caught, that I know of. I support this for everyone's safety and health at school.

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Honestly I think the cameras are a complete waste of money. They obviously aren't really helping very much. Fights and other inappropriate occurances generally happen outside of the actual building. All they're really going to be able to crack down on by using the cameras are "PDA".

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i dont believe that the cameras really do anything i mean really they stay there and like for exsample if their is a fight there all the cameras are going to do i record it everyone would see it so its no really like it helps find out stuff and if ppl steal they dont look dirrecty at the camera they keep their face away from the camera

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