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 Is brown or blonde hair natural to Korean and Japanese people? (2)

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Is brown or blonde hair natural to Korean and Japanese people?

Well, really North European type blond is not “normal” except for some biracial kids. However, there are -sorry for the word - pure Japanese who have light brown or reddish hair. A former exchange student of ours had a girl at her school who had brown hair. Our exchange daughter thought at first that the girl was biracial but she was not. The girl got quite harassed by one teacher who didn’t want to believe that color was natural. 
Fortunately, the parents could show her some early childhood pictures and prove the naturalness of her hair color.

Today at my kids’ elementary school’s sports fest hubby and I saw a little girl with visibly light brown hair so we thought that that kid may be biracial, too. I approached her parents only to learn that the girl was as “pure” Japanese hair as a kid could be even though brownish-reddish hair seems to run in the husband’s family. And they don’t know of any foreign DNA “input” in earlier times so it may be just some mutation.

The parents told me that the girl’s older cousin also has brownish-reddish hair, and her high school had honestly forced her to color it black. (This totally goes against the coloring prohibition, which is supposed to protect young students’ hair from damage by hair coloring. ) It made me so angry to hear, and the three of us discussed that just in case it should happen to my kids or their daughter, we would complain about that. I do hope for the little girl’s sake that the parents then still have the courage to do that. If any future school ever dared to say anything in that direction, they will at least get to know my fury.
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This hairstyle is a reflection of Japanese culture socially and traditionally. We come across this style a lot in anime productions.

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The simple answer is no. There is no pure Koreans with natural blonde hair although I have seen some with slightly brown hair. However, most Koreans naturally have black hair. I am guessing you are asking this question after seeing Kpop stars with hair with all kinds of hue. It's really a fashion trend amongst celebrities and young people.

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