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How to write an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay writing is a text in which you take a position on a problem. To succeed in such an exercise, you must start by taking sides, do research to your position and develop a plan before you start writing the introduction to state your thesis. In the body of your text, develop the arguments coherently. In your conclusion, synthesize everything that has been developed, taking care not to introduce new information.

Review the subject. 

Do it to make sure you understand it. Take the subject given to you by the teacher and read it carefully. Research the words and expressions you do not understand to know them better for a better understanding of the subject. Clearly define the issue.

Limit each paragraph to one idea. 

To help the reader follow you better, use your outline to create paragraphs. For a short essay,(write essay today) you can develop the main idea in one paragraph. However, if you write longer, you can develop a paragraph for each little idea you develop under the main idea.

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