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 How can I connect a set-top box to the TV? (6)

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How can I connect a set-top box to the TV?

How can I connect a set-top box to the TV?
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Today every TV and every SetTop box contains HDMI port, RCA video is not old and low-quality options, so you should use HDMI cable to connect a SetTop box with your TV.

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That is not a way out in my situation. I`m only planning to purchase a set box online and looking for some options. Can you recommend any particular brand?

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The steps for installing your set top box are as follows: Step 1: Connect your RF cable from your dish to your set top box using an F Connector. Step 2: Connect your cable end to the set top box in the Satellite In of your box. Step 3: Connect your RCA cable from the set top box in to your RCA out of the TV.

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Thanx for your replies but none works for me. I will definitely try to find some other option or purchase online

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