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Has anyone played Diablo II Resurrected?

I think this post will be very useful for those who, like me, are looking for new computer games or those he has not yet played.
 About half a year ago I found a very interesting game called Diablo II Resurrected, I'm sure not many people have heard of it.
 So I want to share my impressions and recommend you at least once to play it.
 The game is very pleasant for those who like to collect and buy new things and items.
 I personally liked this game, first of all, I am attracted to the theme of fantasy, but here it is a fantasy-historical I would say and the fact that it is possible to buy different things.
 A week ago I bought myself a very cool thing [deaths fathom 
](, wanted it for a long time, but it needed a certain level.
 In general, I share with you my thoughts on the games, those who would be interested, I advise you to try to play.
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