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 HP Support Assistant interrupts games, movies, or TV (2)

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HP Support Assistant interrupts games, movies, or TV

To prevent HP Support Assistant software from interrupting video games, movies, or other activities on your device, set the date and time that HP Support Assistant checks for updates to the time when the computer is on, but not being used by someone.

Open the HP Support Assistant software and click on Settings in the top right corner of the window.

Under the "Next HP updates and messages" option: set the Date of the week: and Timing: options to the date and time you want to receive updates and messages from HP Support Assistant software.

Then click on Save.

Now the HP Support Assistant checks for updates only during the date and time selected by you.

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Many of us are using HP devices especially laptops printers etc. If you face any kind of issues or trouble while accessing your amplificateur gsm HP devices then you can feel free to contact the HP customer support team for the troubleshooting methods

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Hp is famous printer manufacture and I am a regular user of it. Hp provides Hp support assistant software for resolving customers' issues. Any Hp user can access this software without any restrictions. As a Hp user many times I have accessed this service. Hostsailor