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Grow your business globally using website translation services

The recent report of the available data about language uses and the internet users states that 70% of the world doesn’t speak English, but 57% of websites contain only English. As many as two thirds of internet users are non-native English speakers and their half of the Google searches are in languages other than English.

Therefore, by 2020 a website will require localization into other number of languages to reach global audience. In terms of online communication to the customers, your website is one of your primary assets and most important communication channels. The following reasons and benefits describe to you how important it is to translate your website using website localization services

Here are the 4 reasons why to translate your website:

Increase profit and revenue globally:

A business cannot sustain for a long, if there is no revenue and profit. It is possible to increase your revenue having a website in one language to interconnect with the customers worldwide. If you are focusing to operate your business globally, then it is to offer information about your services or goods in the relevant language(s). This can make internet users to read information in their native language further turn them into your customers.

Other competitors don’t have multilingual website:

In case, other player doesn’t have a multilingual website, it is an added advantage for you to grow your business and make your website known globally. This can engage customers and make you unique among others. Here, specialized translators can help you in website translation and localization in order to be different and stand in the front line.

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