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 Follow my heart Vs Join family (3)

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Follow my heart Vs Join family

Okay guys, i am in a very tight situation right now that i have sleepless night thinking about it. I have been in series of bad relationships with the wrong people. I went to study aboard(UK) for just a year with my mind set on having lots of girls no string attached and all that kind of stuff. Because of that i meant many nice girls that wanted to be in a serious relationship in England and i always explained i had just a year for my course which they understood however on February 2015 i meant this amazing bermuda girl, like no one i have ever met on earth, i didnt even know when i fell in love with her and forgot about me going back home. I love her to pieces to the grounds of the earth..she makes me feel ultimately happy in life and her feelings for me is mutual, she adores me. Now my course is over I'm home i told my parents about her and they say she's foreign and didn't like the idea because I'm from Africa and the want me to join them in the family business, i would love to help them and share my ideas to make it grow although its not my area of interest but i will still help.. right now I'm extremely confused. I know what i want which is her at the same time my parents are saying something else. I really love her and will be unhappy without her. How do i solve this?because my brain has been thinking of every solution possible. 
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I think you should follow your heart yet don't completely turn your back on your family. You should do what you want when you want. Its your life no one can tell you how to live or what to think. As long as you're happy it shouldn't matter. Your family should want you to be happy. That's a parents job.

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I believe you should join your family. This is just my opinion. I am not married. Just working at

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