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ok I have a few I don't play games
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 ok I have a few (2)
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Favorite video games of all times?

lets' share best video games ever

ok I have a few

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I don't play games

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GTA 5 is one of my favorite games of all times. Also I like online games at these games I can play for hours. Besides all of them are available for free so I can choose new games every time I want to play.

Side: ok I have a few
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These are the greatest games of all time, as voted on and reranked by gamers like yourself. Video games are more popular than ever.Since the early '80 when gaming systems like Atari, Nintendo and Sega first took arcade favorite and made them available to a wider audience, video games have become a part of the pop culture lexicon.

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Side: I don't play games

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Side: ok I have a few
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