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 Did I wonder how to create a review website like yelp? (4)

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Did I wonder how to create a review website like yelp?

The main criteria for creating this type of site is that so many people nowadays read reviews before buying some product.
 Or for example, go to a restaurant.
You must be able to offer the client for which the order is made a variety of services.
 For example, check-ins, booking and ordering food, and recommendations based on the client's location.
 The first thing you should determine with the niche.
If you have already spent time researching and noticed a vacant niche for a business or location, this is your chance. 
By coming up with a unique selling proposition, you stand out from the crowd.
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I think that this kind of site is really very popular now.

For about a year I created a website with various reviews and services for a shoe store.

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I agree with you, for a very long time is popular this type of site, the most important thing in them as I think is the functionality and attracting customers to your product, and then it's up to developers.

Vennerss(9) Disputed
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Did I wonder how to create a review website like yelp? I thought the process was simple. Just build a website and add some content and we will be golden. Well, that wasn't the case for me because our new project required thorough research and planning before starting on anything.

Vennerss(9) Disputed
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I've been wanting to know how to create a review website like Yelp since I started SEO in 2008. Working from home, I really don't have time to set up and manage a website when I'm not working. I was looking for a solution that would allow me to post showcase my local business without the hassle of having to install and maintain an actual website.