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 Choosing a Large or Small College: Weighing the Benefits (4)

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Choosing a Large or Small College: Weighing the Benefits

Benefits of Small Colleges. 
Small college can mean different things to different people. The University of Texas has over 50,000 undergraduate students, so a small university to a student there might mean a college with 20,000. The fact is, there are too many colleges of too many sizes to establish a true average size university. This article will consider a small school one with 3,000 to 10,000 students. Anything beyond this typically does not have the characteristics of a smaller school. Colleges with less than 3,000 will have even stronger characteristics of the small schools discussed here.
More Personal Attention
Better Class Discussions
Small Community Feel
Benefits of Large Universities
Larger colleges are often the preference of many students. These universities enroll many thousands of students. Some will thrive in these places. While the downside of these colleges is the fact that they do not typically have any of the qualities of the smaller size schools, they do have their upside. Many will consider these benefits more important than the benefits derived from a small school.
More Options
More Prestige
Superb Faculty
So which one do you prefer? Seems to be a really tough choice I must admit because both have really important pros and cons.
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According to me, education is very important right now. For the best carrier, it is important to have the best education for a person . Here it is added with the benefits that are connected to the small and large college. So it is the guidance for the students to select an appropriate college.

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