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Canon IJ Setup

  • The first step is to ensure to show on your scanner or printer and preserve it in the ready country place the file at the printed side on.

  • Now open the canon IJ Scan utility after which click on the settings tab.

  • Select the auto scan choice to designate the folder in which you want to keep the scanned information for the

  • Get lower back to the home display of the IJ Scan Utility and pick out the Auto icon choice. Your scanner or printer will routinely begin scanning your file.

  • The scanned records will store routinely within the folder for the process of

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Canon IJ Setup: Guidelines To Follow. Canon IJ printers are the most preferred choice of users all around the world. It is not difficult to complete the Canon printer setup, all you have to do is to follow some easy steps and you will be ready to print the documents using the Canon IJ Printing device. Below is the step by step instructions to ...

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