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 Are all debt relief companies a scam? (4)

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Are all debt relief companies a scam?

I don’t know. They aren’t helping for free, but I don’t know if they successfully helped anyone. Creditors usually expect all or part of your incurred bills to be repaid. I personally ran into trouble after Hurricane Katrina when work wasn’t readily available in the New Orleans area. I began repaying those who were patient and waited for me to return to work. I wrote each one a letter explaining our temporary financial situation. Some waited, done wrote off the debt and some sold the debt. I currently have a lien against my home from being sued by a company that buys second and third bad debt and got a judgment against me. (Meaning my account was sold two or three times.). The creditors who waited have been repaid in full.
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I don't know if they all are but the one I contracted with agreed to resolve all my credit debt in for years for an affordable monthly.paymemt. They did.nothing except take my money, and then I started to get supoenas from the card companies. Research any company before you sign

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It depends. Not all of them are scam. The best you can do is to apply to Debt Quest and their credit card debt relief program, I had a nice experience with debtquest. They walked me through the program with ease. It was very easy to understand and I am very grateful to their team

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The simple answer to this question is that a debt relief scam is where a company makes promises that it does not keep. However, these scams are much more complicated than this. They generally start when a debt relief company contacts you and claims it can get your interest rates reduced to help you get out of debt in no time at all.

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No, Few are scam free because they follow GOV's rule. So check all status before apply debt relief