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Application development

A friend of mine told me a story today. A man created an app for an android smartphone and put it on Play Market. The cost to download it was only $2. But he made a fortune on it. Now I'm thinking of starting to work on my app. Advice on what themes are relevant right now. What would you like to see on your smartphone?
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It's a fun story, but I think they left out a lot of interesting stuff in it. For example, how this man studied for many years and then several years to create this application. And after that he published it with probably a good advertising budget. Take your friend and try to create an app. Read it, maybe it will help you But I'll tell you with certainty it's not that easy. Plus creating an app doesn't mean anything yet. You've noticed that a lot of games and apps are very similar. But some we play, some we use, and some we've never even risen from the bottom of the rankings. But good luck anyway in this difficult endeavor.

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For some reason I have little faith that after reading a couple of articles you can fully work in this field. You need to learn and learn. And only after that will you be successful.