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A Comparative Essay Should Focus on Comparisons

Discuss about both, similarities and differences when writing a comparative essay

Most of the topics given by the tutors will require students to compare between two events, situations, topics or personalities etc.. However, sometimes the comparative essay may require comparison of more than two things. For example, students can be asked to compare four different reviews on the same book. Therefore, this job will entail drawing a comparative chart for discussing the various characteristics of the four reviews.

It is easier to compare between, say ‘x’ and ‘y’, or between two given categories. However, when the topics to be discussed are more, students will require doing additional research on each category, to find the related points for making the right comparison. Often, students are given the topics or the issues that require comparison, by the tutors and go to website. But if the choice is left to students, then it is advisable to look at other papers also like persuasive essay, and narrative essay, before writing this essay.

The following guidelines will help the students to write an excellent comparative essay.

Better understanding of the essay questions

It is necessary for the students to understand the topics or the objects that will require thorough comparison, while writing this essay. The objects can vary from the real entities like the famous personalities, from a particular field; or events, which need evaluative analysis to make better comparison between them. If the objects involved are understood clearly, then it becomes very easy for the students to find the necessary data needed to make the list of their similar and different characteristics.

As the essay questions give students, a choice of such objects to write a comparative essay, it is preferable to write on those topics that are very well understood by the student. For example, comparison of two literary works will require the student to have thorough knowledge and understanding of both. However, students will do well to spend enough time in research for finding the relevant data on each topic, while comparing the concerned objects.

Always give in-text citation references

When students are quoting or using other sources of information for writing their papers, they need to inform the readers about such sources. In addition, to avoid plagiarism allegations, it is always necessary to make a separate page, in which the students can give the references of the information collected by them for use in main body of these papers. This is called in-text citation reference, which the students will give on the bibliography page, in a proper format, at the end of the comparative essay.

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