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All I want to say to the spouses of the people on this side of the debate, "Don't confide in your spouse and tell them that you killed somebody; they'll turn you in! And if they find out on their own, take them out before they turn you in!" ;)

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Human nature is to endeavor personal pursuit. If you assume that human nature is to endeavor advancing the common good, then you're going to get screwed by someone who endeavors personal pursuit. Most Americans endeavor advancing the common good; which is why they get screwed by politicians who endeavor personal pursuit. If everyone endeavors personal pursuit, then we would keep each other in check. It is easier to get most people to endeavor personal pursuit than it is to get most people to endeavor advancing the common good; which is why communism failed.

Wealthy. You can buy respect ;)

Batman can never die because he always knows ahead of time what gadget he's going to need and he packs his bat-belt accordingly before leaving the bat-cave.

Not only is Superman an alien, I think he's an illegal alien.

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