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Children have two role models; mom and dad. Parents affect their child's behavior and personality so if that relationship is damaged then the child's character can be damaged as well. I would prefer to be fatherless because the damage of a lousy father would scar my personality far greater than being fatherless.

I would turn them in whether it was self-defense or an act of rage. If it was self-defense they would most likely get away with it but if it were an act of rage I would not want to spend the rest of my life with that person. My conscience would eat at me and I could not live knowing that there's a family that is mourning because of my spouse's actions.

Because Shakespeare's works are so difficult to understand, I think they should continue to be studied in highschool to broaden our horizons and expand our minds. Shakespeare covered many univeresal themes and conflicts that people face everyday. Studying his works, we learn morals.

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We as Americans might not fully understand the meaning behind this quote, but I do agree. If you try to understand "freedom" from the perspective of a person who lives in a communist country it would not be the same as ours. Benjamin Franklin once stated "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." and in today's society we are more concerned with our security and have lost some "freedom".

With as much respect as possible, we are not supposed to comment on the person making the debate. We are only supposed to comment on the debate. So please stop calling people "dorks" and "stubborn"

I believe that wealth and respect go hand and hand. Some of the well respected people of our society are very wealthy. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and George Clooney are just to name a few people who are very rich and respected.

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Schools offer plenty of classes that allow you to be creative. Art, BIMM, web mastering, choir, theater and cosmetology are a few classes that give enough the freedom to express ideas. School is where I have had the most oppurtunity to be creative. I've been able to make my own websites, design buildings, and make clothes which takes plenty of creativity. So if that isn't enough oppurtunity i dont know what is. Students have to be push to be creative, that's what being creative is all about.

Do you honestly believe that EVERY person that stays after an event is tyring to fight, or commit some sort of crime? Fine the students that are causing problems and leave the ones that are honestly waiting alone

We're not asking to stay the night, we just want some time for our parents or whom ever is picking us up to get there. If an event ends at eight but our only ride gets off at eight thirty, should that be a reason to give us a ticket? Granted, there are students that stay late and vandalize property but honestly, you can tell the difference between a waiting student and a mischevious juvenile.

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